Why peter was killed by his friend Sabinus

Sabinus and peter were friends from childhood, they both lost their parents at a very young age,

as a result of losing their parents, their family went through serious hardship trying to survive but

luckily both of them got admitted into the university through a state government scholarship

scheme to study medicine. While They were in school Sabinus started mixing up with the bad

eggs in school, he got involved in so many crimes and this affected his academics, peter

on the other hand, was very serious with his studies bearing in mind the kind of family he came from.

Finally, he graduated and was posted to serve in kano state, His friend Sabinus could not graduate

because he had so many problems settling in school, he finally went back to the village to become a

palm wine tapper.

During peters service in Kano, a disease broke out in the country killing so many people

including animals so he took it upon himself to make some research to discover a cure for the

disease, he tried so many roots and herbs, and yet none of them worked, one day he was thinking

about the next step to take and he slept off while doing that, while he was still sleeping his grandfather

Uwachi was a great native doctor who cured so many diseases during his lifetime with herbs and

roots appeared to him in his dream took him inside the great dreaded forest of Ajani and showed

him a leaf and roots which he called Mmiri ututu, gave him instructions on how to prepare them.

He finally woke up and discovered it was just a dream, he traveled to the village to see his mother

Ujunwa and shared his dreams with her, his mother encouraged him to go inside the forest of Ajani

to search for the leaf and roots she prayed for him and gave him her motherly blessings. Peter

finally embarked on a journey to the dreaded Ajani forest and there he saw the leaf and root as

shown to him in a dream by his grandfather he was very happy ad made his way back home.

He went back to kano where he was serving and tried the vaccine he made from the leaf and

roots on some affected animals and behold it worked so well, the cows got well and free of

the disease after a few days, he celebrated his victory and called his mother to share the good

news with her, he named the vaccine after his grandfather, he took the vaccine to a senior

doctor in the hospital where he was serving and showed him, the doctor was afraid to try

that on his patients but at the point when one of them was about to die the doctor knowing

fully well that if he doesn’t try this he will still lose the patients who took the risk and administered

the vaccine on the patient.

After an hour the patient was no more breathing and the nurse confirmed with the doctor

that the man was dead, the doctor became so annoyed, he blamed peter seriously for

advising him to use the vaccine he locally produced and also threatening to hand him over to

the police BUT while the shouting was going on inside the doctor’s office a nurse rushed in

and informed the doctor that the man is awake and moving his body.

After a few weeks, the man recovered fully which confirmed that the vaccine worked and

the man is alive everybody became happy and celebrated peter for his contribution,

the news went viral and after that, the President officially invited peter and gave him

a house in the capital city and also promised to make him the minister of health once

he was done serving. The boy traveled back home to share the good news with his family

and his friend Sabinus, Sabinus became very angry and jealous but pretended to be happy

for his childhood friend peter, he went inside and brought out two cups of his flash

palm wine and gave the poisoned wine to his friend pretending to celebrate with his friend.

After a few days, peter became seriously ill and died. A month after the burial Sabinus

became sick and was diagnosed with the deadly disease he was talking to the village clinic

as they couldn’t afford to take him to a good hospital in town, finally, on his sickbed,

he confessed to killing his childhood friend peter out of jealousy and regret

he shouted oh if only my friend was alive this sickness will not kill me, on saying this

he had a heart attack collapsed and died.

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