Today I want to talk to some UPCOMING artists not all BUT someone who will take the time to read and understand this article.

Hear this before choosing any career in life you have to first understand PURPOSE and TIMING what are you called to do on earth and when is the right time for you to fully lunch out?

Now let’s proceed, have you ever taken some time to check out the works, lifestyle, dress codes, looks, and every other thing about some music artist generally called the SUPERSTARS/A LIST ARTIST before they became famous (Food for thought) 2baba, P-Square, Timaya, Olamide, Davido, Flavour, Burnaboy, Phyno, Wizkid, etc. These are some big names in the Nigerian entertainment industry that in recent times have changed either their looks or music style and probably the faces most young artists always pray to be like.

Have you ever taken time to study what they use to be like BEFORE THE FAME AND MONEY till date, some of them still look more responsible, humble, and presentable than most of the UPCOMING ARTIST I think your inability as a young artist to invest in yourself (self-development)Understanding purpose, timing, and genre of music you want to do are a few reasons why you have not become the superstar you dream to be and why you can’t attract any record deal?

Today you see so many young artists who want to sing, look and model their name after or exactly like a particular artist that is already made and big, common guys!! You can do better. Take your time to develop and learn more about your career, create a concept of your own, understand your sound more and be original; don’t copy anybody’s style for this is what makes you unique. It will take you some time to do so but once you can go through the process and come out with something different even the big names will come for you. Your dress code, hairstyle, lifestyle, etc has already tagged you as a superstar BUT my friend the superstar you will become is not in all that BUT your work. The truth is that in the eyes of some people ( destiny helpers) that are meant to help you become BIG, you present yourself as someone who will never be HUMBLE, RESPECTFUL, and LOYAL when given a chance without even knowing and this is what most people who want to invest in you wants to see. So many of us copy so much of what we see on music videos (brother this is acting and not real life) some are influenced so much by the wrong understanding of what they think coming from the street is,

but the truth is that coming from the street is supposed to make you better and wiser because of the experience you must have gotten. When you meet most of these big artist that sings about the street one-on-one you will understand that it has nothing to do with their personal life. I have so much to talk to you about BUT will advise you to focus more on your work (good music with meaning) at this level, HUMBLE yourself, and possibly engage yourself with some artist development/grooming activities like learning to play some musical instruments, Showmanship, voice training, Poise & Etiquette, Dance &Choreography, Songwriting Lessons, attending some entertainment seminars, Stage Performance Lessons watch videos of interview sections of some known artist practice what you have watched which will help you to get familiar with some interview questions because once you come out with a hit song the media and AOPs will be all over you and I bet you and your management wouldn’t want too radical such great moment But most importantly ask yourself if truly you are called to do what you are in to or if you are like a Doctor with a hammer as a work tool. My friends, I believe when you put things right it will help you build up the fan base that will inspire you for the great journey ahead and also attract a beautiful record deal that can change the entire story over night .

God Bless and be with you all SEE YOU @ THE TOP



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